Almost nothing?

I met a woman this week whose life has not gone well. She developed a debilitating illness. She hovered half-way through death’s door. And then when it became clear she would not regain full health, her husband decided he just couldn’t spend the rest of his life caring for her. So he divorced her.

She struggles with some of the basic things many of us take for granted. Her body is in full blown revolt. Her prognosis is for continual physical impairment. Her job options are seriously minimal. She has almost nothing. And yet…she has almost everything. As she poured out her life story, she uttered these words, “God has been so faithful to me.” Say what? That’s right…she was able to offer genuine gratitude to God in spite of the harsh experiences she has lived through. I was blown away.

I couldn’t help but think of so many people who “have it all.” Health, wealth, status, leisure, family, you name it. Yet they are miserable. They still haven’t found what they’re looking for. But she has. I was looking at the real thing. Real faith, real love, real life. She’ll never be famous. She’ll never speak to thousands or write a book. Which is too bad, because a lot of us could desperately benefit from listening to her for an hour…or a weekend. Her life is a silent testimony to all of us who are furiously chasing things that Jesus told us to forget about. I thank God for bringing this woman into my life. And yours.

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