Are Christians weird?

If you ever watched the old Saturday Night Live routines with the Church Lady you know what I’m talking about. Church people can be just a little bit…weird. We can dress funny, talk funny, and act funny. But does following Jesus mean your life will become increasingly weird? That depends on what we mean.

If by weird we mean talking differently, using “Praise the Lord” in every other sentence, and dressing in clothes that were fashionable 20 years ago, then the answer is, “No.” Jesus spoke in the language of his culture, and presumably dressed like everyone else. (That’s probably why Judas had to identify him with a kiss…he didn’t stand out from the crowd.)

If, however, by weird we mean that we make different choices about how we will live, and we actually believe that God’s wisdom is the best way to live, then the answer may be yes. If we view our money as God’s, and we give a tithe (ten percent) to God, that’s VERY different! If we choose NOT to participate in verbal bashing of those with whom we disagree or don’t really like, that’s very unusual. If we choose to spend our precious time each Sunday morning worshiping God together with the Body of Christ, that’s unique (hey, after all, you could be sleeping in on Sunday mornings!). If we choose to serve those in need instead of just looking out for our interests, that’s not typical. In each of these cases, the follower of Jesus might not “fit in” with the broader culture. He or she might look different…maybe even weird.

But no place is this more evident than in last week’s topic – God’s design for sexuality as it relates to single adults. If we really understand how God designed us, and why he gave this incredible gift, then it WILL change how we choose to live. If we are willing to believe that God’s way is actually better, it will change our lives! And single adults in 21st century America could find themselves living very differently from their peers. They could have to explain why they don’t behave as others do. (And in conversations with some from our church, they HAVE had these kinds of conversations.) They could end up looking a bit…weird. People might notice. People might wonder. People might ask questions. “Why do you live that way?” But don’t miss this: It might just be that our willingness to believe God in this area could actually help point the way for others to the life they’re REALLY looking for. A life with God.

If you’re a single adult and striving to live out God’s design in this area, let me thank you for your courage. And let me assure you I’m praying with you.

I hope to see you all this week as we tackle the very relevant, and very difficult topic of “Same Sex.” This affects every one of us, whether or not we realize it! Remember to take your kids to PowerHouse, and then join us for an unforgettable Sunday.

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