Lessons from a windowsill

Sometimes truth can come from the strangest places When you’re not looking for it. Let me explain…

Yesterday I walked toward my desk and noticed something on the windowsill. This is the window where I look out into the world. It’s the window that reveals beautiful scenes of pink cherry trees in the spring, flaming maple tree colors in the fall, breathtaking sunrises at dawn, and more. And there it was, at the bottom of the window. Nothing spectacular, hardly unusual. A dead fly. (Sorry…hope you’re not eating.) Why am I telling you about a dead fly? Good question.

Mr. Fly had tried to get past the window. And had he been able to do that, he probably would have found what he needed: fuel. You see, there’s no “fly fuel” in my office. No bio-fuel. No rotting carcasses. No animal waste products. Just books, paper, and furniture. (Okay, there are some dark chocolate covered espresso beans, but they’re locked away where flies can’t find them!) All that stood between Mr. Fly and the fuel he needed was a little piece of glass. If only he could get past it…if…only…

Here’s the point. Sometimes we’re so close to the fuel…we can see it…almost touch it. But that little piece of glass stands in the way. Maybe you’ve wanted to join us for the Refuel project. Maybe you picked up a hard copy of the booklet. Maybe you’ve put all the emails in a special folder. Maybe you joined the social network site. Maybe you’ve even determined what part of the day is going to work for you to “read, reflect, and respond.” But maybe that piece of glass is still there. You need a way to get past it. To turn off the TV and pick up the book. To tune out the distractions and spend 10 minutes reflecting. Whatever that last remaining obstacle is, just DO it! Do it today…do it right now. Let Mr. Fly on my windowsill be a lesson. Figure out a way to get to the fuel. Don’t end up on the windowsill. As we learned in the first week of this series, the fuel in God’s word is there so that we can be “equipped for every good work.” So go ahead and fuel up.

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