If you think you’re busy…

If you could pick a word to characterize the lives of those who are closest to you, what would it be? For many of us, it would be “busy.” Busy parents, busy co-workers, busy volunteers, busy, busy, busy. When I get busy, it’s not always good. Maybe that happens to you. We forget important events. We forget about good manners. We forget to keep our promises to others. We forget the conversations we’ve had with ourselves in the past that start out with, “I will NEVER do that again…” The bottom line it this: Even though we might get a lot of things done when we’re busy, it can often result in bad consequences and habits.

This is the part where you expect me to talk about how God designed us to rest, to trust, and so on. But I’m not going to do that. Instead I want to talk about how busy God is. Yes…God is busy. Now, don’t get excited. This is not a mandate to add six more events on your calendar. Actually, when God gets busy, he doesn’t suffer from the kind of negative consequences I mentioned above. But wow, does he get busy.

In yesterday morning’s “Refuel” passage (Romans 8:28-39), I found this phrase: In all things God works for the good of those who love him.

We like to point to this verse when things are going bad, assuming that it means that God will make everything work out swell. But what it’s actually saying is this:

“No matter what happens in your life, God is at work to bring about ultimate good, namely to change you so you look more and more like Jesus.”

No matter what happens, God works. Think about all the things that happen in your life. And in the lives of your friends. Then multiply that millions of times over. And in each life, “God works.” That, my friends, is one busy God!

So whatever you’re experiencing right now. Whatever you took a break from to read this. Whatever situation you’re heading into, or dreading, or looking forward to. In everything, in all things, God works. Are you aware of it? Are you looking for it? Will you recognize it? Will you partner with your busy God?

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