Do your friendships define your life?

I don’t know what this speaker believes about God, but what she believes about connections and courage agree with what I read in the pages of the Bible.

Take a few minutes to watch this, video, then jump in with your thoughts below.

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  1. I would agree that friendships influence, not determine, your life… Any number of other factors (some we can control, many we cannot) help to influence your life. As the speaker suggests, how vulnerability is handled (not only yours, but others also) is also a major contributor to your "quality of life"…Insightful comments by the speaker, especially if we also think not only about the relationship we should seek with our fellow man, but also the most important relationship we should have with our Maker! DDD

  2. It reminded me about a lot of the same things that you have been talking about in this latest series.The author is a researcher who tries to form theories from data (rather than the other way around – experiment to validate theory).Anyway she looked at people living “wholehearted” lives. To her dismay, their “rules” for living were about the opposite of everything that she used for rules of living. After she got over the shock (and saw a therapist :^) ) she tried to analyze what was going on. The book is secular but has a lot of spirituality. The fundamentals are having self worth, authenticity, letting go of a lot of society’s status quo.One instance: everyone wants to belong. Her way was to “fit-in” to belong (being who you think you need to be), which leads to frustration, being dishonest with our selves and disappointment. Something like what Danny Cahill was talking about. The alternative is being authentic (and to do that being happy with who we are and were made to be) and “belonging” will come of that, not the other way around.-DT

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