Ever feel developmentally challenged?

Have you ever visited a future construction site? Where the only thing visible is a picture or a sign, instead of the reality? Like this picture, which I took earlier this week.

That stake says, “future home of something great!” I’ve walked past sign post #38 for the last few years. The sign hasn’t changed. And there’s not been any construction or development. It’s a bit “developmentally challenged.” It’s not “becoming” anything.
When we understand and respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow him, God puts a stake in the soil of our lives. “Restoration project under construction. Future home of something great!” And he begins working (see Philippians 1:6). But sometimes our lives can look like the same stake, year after year. We can get stuck, distracted, or sidetracked. We can get developmentally challenged. Which is why we’re exploring the work God desires to do IN us: transforming us into people of HOPE. If you’ve missed the current series—Becoming– get the podcasts from our web site or from iTunes. And I hope you can join us this Sunday as Danny Cahill helps us understand “Becoming Healthy From The Inside Out.” And my prayer is that the stake that God has driven into the soil of your life will begin to give way to the glorious life he has in store for you. Are you “becoming”?

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