Is Easter a Big Deal In Your Life?

Christmas gets a lot air play, doesn’t it? Months of planning, purchasing, and celebrating. Compared to Christmas, Easter kinda flies past. A trip to the candy store, some colored eggs, and a crowded Sunday event. Then we’re on to Mothers Day, Memorial, and so on. But are we missing something? Isn’t this, after all, the defining moment in history? 
What if we’ve got it mixed up? What if we thought about the Easter Spirit instead of the Christmas Spirit? What if, instead of “Christmas in July”  we had “Easter in July” or “Easter in September”? What if we laid awake at night pondering the anticipation and the excitement of Easter morning instead of Christmas morning?  What if we spent months planning and preparing to celebrate the gift that God gave on Easter?  What if the events of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday were actually powerful enough to transform our lives?  What if we’ve got it mixed up?
If you want to experience something different this year, join us for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. And discover why it really is a big deal for your life. For every moment of your life. Starting now. See you this weekend. 
– Pastor Mark

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