Celebrating with free Starbucks

For 40 days leading up to Easter many Christians practice “Lent” by giving something up, in order to identify with the sufferings of Christ. Then Easter comes along, everyone celebrates on Resurrection Sunday, and then we go back to life as usual.
Not this year! Easter is the defining event in the history of the church, and we need more time than one hour on Sunday to properly celebrate it!

In light of what we learned last weekend, it’s time to REALLY celebrate! (If you weren’t able to join us last Sunday, listen to the podcast here.) Consider doing something new for the next 40 days. Something that’s fruitful, wholesome, and self-giving. It might be something you can only do for 40 days. That’s fine! After 40 days, (around June 5th) we’ll have a chance to tell the stories of how celebrating Easter has impacted our lives, and the lives of others around us.

• You may want to try a new habit that helps someone else…something you’ve always wanted to try.
• You may want to begin a new friendship, maybe someone you’ve been meaning to talk to.
• You may want to volunteer somewhere for the next 6 weeks.
• You may want to reach out and encourage someone for the next 40 days.
• You may want to break out of your ordinary routine and discipline in order to remember the freedom we have because of the resurrection!
The idea is, we can do this BECAUSE of what God did on resurrection Sunday. And we do it to remember and celebrate God’s great love for us!
I think it would be helpful if we could share our ideas along the way. So feel free to add your ideas and plans in the space below. (click the “comments” word below this post) As for me, I’m going to start paying for the Starbucks drink of whoever is in line behind me every time I visit my local barista. Hopefully they’re not buying for the whole office! It’s a simple way to celebrate and ensure someone else benefits from what God is doing in my life.
Serving and celebrating together,
Pastor Mark
(Enjoy the video!)


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  1. Can I be the one behind you!

  2. Sure…except I don't know who to look for. -Mark T

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