When God seems distant

Ever get the sense that God is out there somewhere…but not down here in your life?  Maybe you’ve prayed, read, meditated, or listened to some music, but it’s all so distant?  Here’s a strategy I’ve found to be powerful in breaking through…
Pull up a chair…someplace where you’re comfortable.  Maybe it’s in your living room, your favorite restaurant, your man-cave, or your office.  Then pull up another chair for God.  If it helps, close your eyes and picture God sitting there.  Then open your eyes and start a dialogue.  
You may find yourself in awe that God is interested in sitting down with you.  You may find yourself overcome with gratitude for what God’s done.  You find yourself apologizing for patterns, behavior, thoughts, or attitudes.  And you may find yourself talking about important concerns and people in your life.  When I do this, I find it much easier to “listen” to God.  And to talk with him. 
If talking to God with your eyes open seems strange, it might help to know that closing your eyes to pray is a relatively recent practice, going back only a couple hundred years.  And there’s good reason to believe it was implemented in order to keep kids from getting into mischief while prayer was taking place.  Nothing bad will happen if you don’t close your eyes while you pray.  So go ahead, open your eyes, and open your life to a God who is very near, and very real.  Your relationship with him will never be the same.
Isaiah 55:6  Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

Pastor Mark

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  1. I have found this to be true. I like to talk to God while driving my car or even while walking. It's amazing how much closer you can feel to God when your eyes are open. It's almost like by shutting your eyes you are shutting Him out sometimes.

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