Refueling or Reuniting?

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Our family just returned from a three day drive-a-thon, during which we brought our daughter back from college in Chicago.  We spent more time than I’d like to remember on the turnpikes.  (Definition:  a mediocre road that costs a lot to use, but is no better than the roads that are free.)  Along the way we passed numerous “travel plazas” that are strategically located on the turnpikes.  On a couple occasions we actually stopped, but ONLY because we were low on fuel.  Otherwise, we just kept going. 
But what if I knew that my family was having a reunion at that travel plaza?  Would that change my decision?  Absolutely!  Sure, it’s a strange place for a reunion, but it’s pretty convenient, right?  I’d pull in, park the van, and spend time relating to those who were family.  We’d share stories of our recent journey along the highway.  We’d laugh about old memories of trips we took together.  And we’d leave that travel plaza having encouraged each other for the next leg of our journey.
Think about Sunday worship gatherings as a travel plaza.  You’re going to see a lot of them, strategically placed along the journey of life.  Many times we view them like a refueling stop.  We see it coming, we check the fuel gauge, and we decide whether or not we’re low on fuel and need to pull in.  If the tank is okay, we simply drive on by.
Let me offer a different way to think about Sunday gatherings.  They’re more like a family reunions.  It might be a strange place for a reunion, but it’s pretty convenient.  And we could pull in for a short time, share stories from our recent journey, and laugh about memories of trips we’ve taken together.  We could even remember the reason why we’re on this journey in the first place.  And we would leave that travel plaza knowing that we were encouraged, and so were the people we spent time with.  And, yes, our tank would also be on full.  
So as we head into the summer months, think about Sunday gatherings in a new way.  Not so much a refueling stop, but a reunion.  Bring your stories, your memories, and your encouragement.  Let’s share them together.  And let’s remember the reason for this incredible journey of following Jesus.  Which, by the way, we’ll do this Sunday as we celebrate communion.  See you at the reunion!
– Pastor Mark

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