What would you say in a crisis?

When things look bad or hopeless, it can be tempting to say nothing.  It can be easy to assume that, “no one will listen…I’m just one person.”  Igniting HOPE can feel like someone else’s job, or it can seem like an impossible task.  
Which is why I was so inspired by the words of Ryuichi Doi.  He lives in Japan, and was touring the region devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami.  Here’s what he said,
“This is my responsibility, to tell the people.  As a Christian and also as a politician.  Let’s start from this.  Let’s have hope.  We need faith.  Here in Japan we are a very small group [of] Christians in this society.  We must tell them how to have faith.  From this situation people can live again.”
Understand that only 1% of the Japanese population is Christian.  And yet here’s a courageous Christian leader , and a Japanese congressman, who’s saying, “It’s my responsibility, AS A CHRISTIAN to tell them how to have faith.  How to have hope. 
The next time you encounter someone in a crisis, let Ryuichi Doi be a reminder and an inspiration.  And tell someone how to have faith…how to live again.
– Mark
P.S. If you have a story of attempting to do this, why not share it?  Use the box below. 

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