Four questions that will rock your friendships

The response to the series, “iRelate,” has caught me by surprise.  God is doing some incredible things in peoples’ lives and in their relationships as a result of the tough, painful conversations we’ve been having.  Many of you could probably tell stories similar to the one I shared last week.  This is an area that is so real and so challenging for all of us.  But before we leave this topic and move on, I’d like to invite you to a challenge based on last Sunday.

Just like in every other area of life (career, hobbies, fitness, etc.), our friends can be game-changers in our spiritual health and growth.  If you were with us last Sunday, you know all about being P.E.A.S. in a pod.  Spiritual friends Pray for us, Encourage us, Ask great questions, and Share the journey.  (If you missed last Sunday, check out the podcast here.)  And one way to kick-start your friendships toward becoming life-changing spiritual friendships is with questions like this:
How are you experiencing God?
What is God teaching you?
Where are you stuck in your life?
What are you attempting for God?
So as you launch into summer this week, why not take 10 to 15 minutes and do something radical.  Ask the questions that will rock your friendship.  Your life and your friendships will never be the same!  And when you do, I’d love to hear how it goes…and how your friends are shaping your journey toward God. 
And if possible, join us this Sunday as we revisit some of the questions that you asked during our winter series, “Making Sense of the Bible.”  

– Pastor Mark

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