Seven reasons to go to a different church

Church on Vacation
It’s vacation season.  Since last summer we’ve endured the Redskins season (ugh), the winter of way too much snow, and another pollen-festival, sometimes called spring.  And now we’re ready for summer!  Beaches, mountains, relaxation, and more.  Chances are you’ll be gone for a Sunday or more.  But no matter where you are, here are seven reasons to go to a different church wherever you happened to be:

  1. You’ll remember again what it’s like to be the guest, and be thinking about that when you return to Seneca Creek.
  2. You’ll witness the variety of ways in which people worship God, and be reminded that we’re just one part of God’s richly diverse family.
  3. You might pick up a new idea, song, or inspiration to bring back with you to Seneca Creek.
  4. You might meet someone and discover that God brought you together for a divine appointment.
  5. You might be able to experience God in a powerful way, especially if you’re busy serving every week at Seneca Creek.
  6. You might create some rich family conversations as you talk about what you experienced in a different place.
  7. You’ll probably return with a fresh appreciation for the unique church that God has built here at Seneca Creek.
All in all, seven great reasons to seek out a local church wherever your vacation travels take you this summer.  And then please, be sure to share your experience with us when you return.  Bon voyage! 

-Pastor Mark

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