The power of one person

I still remember the conversation.  Someone from Seneca Creek had an idea…a way to help people get connected to one another.  She shared the simple idea with me, and offered to step up and give it a try.  And last weekend, it dawned on me just how powerful this idea has become.

The woman was Diane Matthews, a very busy working mom/wife.  And the idea was House2House.  House2House is a group of relative strangers who connect over a shared meal in a home.  It’s simple.  It’s attractive.  And it’s changing people’s lives.  The event has been organized four times, and each time it grows.  After last Saturday’s event, I heard more unsolicited stories than I can remember.  People were taking an awkward step, and going to the home of someone they didn’t know.  And by the time the evening was over, real friendship had been birthed.  I’ve even had people comment in the past that their good friend is someone they first met at a House2House.  All because of a simple, practical idea.  And all because of one person.

So you might think, “I’m just one person…what can I do?”  You might see a need and think, “I’m just one person…what difference can I make?”  And I would simply point toward Diane Matthews and say, “You can do more than you ever imagined.”  What is God nudging you to do today?

-Pastor Mark

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  1. I love this and oh so true I always say seed by seed a difference can be made!

  2. This event has been such a blessing to our church. I have truly enjoyed connecting and building real relationships with more of the SCCC family.

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