Mass produced vs. Handcrafted

When it comes to technology, mass production is amazing. Amazingly cool things become very affordable. But when it comes to people, mass production is a disaster. Would you rather be mass produced, or handcrafted?
Do you realize that you’re a handcrafted work of art? You’re uniquely created by God, and you’re not like ANY other person on the planet. No two people are exactly alike. And when it comes to growing, and becoming who you were handcrafted to be, you’re not going to grow like everyone else. In fact, you’re not going to grow like ANYONE else. A mass-produced spiritual growth plan is not going to work too well. That’s why we rolled out a personalized spiritual growth tool last Sunday. It’s called Monvee (a made-up word from mono and vie, for “one life”).
So if you’re looking to become a more healthy you this year in your spiritual journey, and if you’ve wondered why nothing you try seems to fit, then you have to check out Monvee. You can get some info on our web site, or at But to really understand and take advantage of this tool, you’ll need to stop by Connection Point on Sunday and get a Monvee pack ($20). That will help you start an incredible journey of becoming the best version of you.
And if you missed last Sunday, check out the podcast for more details. Then begin to lay out a roadmap for your own growth…and become the incredible work of art that God, the Master Craftsman had in mind when he thought you up! Let’s grow together this year.

-Pastor Mark

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