When you can’t wait to introduce a special friend

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing a friend of mine to an entire college campus full of students.  And I was super excited about it because I KNEW the kind of difference he could make in their lives.  The friend was someone who has spoken here at Seneca Creek on numerous occasions, Bishop Eliudi Issangya from Tanzania.

The college campus was the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where my daughter currently attends.  And where my wife and I met as students many years ago.  The reason I was excited is that I’ve witnessed the impact that the Bishop has on people.  He inspires them, challenges them, and leaves them wanting to follow God passionately.  I knew that if I could arrange to have him speak at a chapel service, it would have far-reaching impact on those students for years to come.  I’ve been working at this idea for almost a year.  And as I sat in the chapel service last Thursday, I was like a kid on Christmas morning.  “They’re gonna LOVE him,” was my thought.  And they did.  He connected with them in a powerful, challenging way.

But later that week I got to thinking, “Do I get that excited about introducing people to Jesus?”  I mean, Jesus is certainly able to inspire, challenge, and motivate them to follow God.  He can absolutely change anyone’s life for eternity!  And I sadly realized that, no, I don’t often get that excited.  And I think it’s because I don’t hang out enough with Jesus to realize and be reminded of just how much people are missing out on.  Or just how much people truly need to be introduced to him.  I don’t want to miss out on a chance to make a life-changing introduction.  So I’m looking with fresh eyes.  And hanging out with Jesus more throughout the day.

What about you?

Seneca Creek Core Value: Everyone deserves to be introduced to Jesus. 

Let’s get excited about this.  There is truly nothing more worthy.

-Pastor Mark

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