What do your neighbors think of you?

Do you ever look out the window of your home and wonder what your neighbors think of you? Maybe you know them well, or maybe they’re strangers on your street.  Regardless, do you suppose they would turn to you if they needed an infusion of hope in their life?

I often wonder that about the thirteen other townhomes on my little street.  What do they think of me?  To be honest, I suspect that few of them would look to me if they needed hope.  And I say that because it rarely happens.

At Seneca Creek we say that as a church we want to “ignite HOPE” in our city, nation, and world.  So how can we do that more effectively?  For a moment, set aside the programs like Burger Bash.  How can you and I, as individuals, become purveyors of hope starting in our own neighborhoods?

That’s the question we will answer in the coming weeks.  I invite you to join us for our new series, “Partners in HOPE.”  And along the way, if you have examples of how you’re living this out, or how you’re seeing others live this out, please let us know.  Together we will begin to change our city, our nation, and our world with the life-changing message of hope in Christ!  Because the big question is not really “What our neighbors think of us?”  But, “What do they think of Jesus?”

-Pastor Mark

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