Crowd sourcing begins with the church

Crowd sourcing is the practice of listening to a crowd of people and allowing their input to help drive the decisions or direction of an organization.  But crowd sourcing isn’t new, at least in the church.  Are you up for some crowd sourcing?

Each October we encourage everyone at Seneca Creek to get out and serve our community in some tangible way.  The reason is simple.  If we want to truly “love our neighbors” we have to serve them.  There’s no other way.  We’ve done this on Sunday mornings, and even over an entire week.  This year, we’re doing it for a three day weekend, from October 26th to 28th.  And while we have plenty of ideas from previous years, we really want to crowd source our serving.

I’d like to ask you to spend some time today or tomorrow reflecting on how a small group of people could serve somewhere in our city or county, and help meet a genuine need.  Some examples from previous years have been:

  • Take free breakfast to day-laborers
  • Put money in the machines at the Laundromat for those doing laundry.
  • Collect food for local food pantries (door to door, or at grocery stores)
  • Spend time with residents of nursing homes.
  • Home repair projects for shut-ins or invalids
  • Free bottled water to commuters at the Metro station
  • Free babysitting for parents of special needs kids, to give them a rare night off.

Will we repeat some of these projects?  Absolutely!  But you may have some other ideas.  And that’s what we’d like to hear.  You see people that I’ll never meet.  You go places I’ll never go.  And you see needs that could be met by a handful of volunteers from Seneca Creek.  We really want to hear your ideas!

Feel free to post your ideas in the comment box below if you’d like.  Or you can bring them with you on Sunday and write them in the form provided in the program.  Suggesting an idea doesn’t mean that you’re offering to lead the project.  But don’t be surprised if we ask you to consider it.  After all, that may just be why God gave you the idea in the first place. J

Together, we’ll crowd source an incredible weekend of igniting the HOPE of Christ right here in our city!

-Pastor Mark

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  1. Camille Bisceglio

    My idea for ignite weekend is one I personally have been thinking about for a long time. Every time I come to a traffic light where there is someone with a sign asking for money and stating their plight ie; out of work vet, mother of two homeless and jobless, it really bothers me. Besides being compelled to give them change or a dollar, I think to myself what if I invited them to lunch and sat down with them and listened to their story? Wouldn’t it be amazing to change someones life. To not only just “give them a fish”, but to teach them how to fish for themselves. This is my vision for ignite weekend.

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