Do you think I should apologize for calling?

Part of me wants to apologize for intruding into your Tuesday evening with a robo-call.  Nobody likes my recorded voice on the end of the phone.  I’m not even sure my Mom would be very thrilled about that!  But then there’s part of me that feels it was the best way to deliver an important message.  The message is that Ignite Weekend is almost upon us, and many of our Seneca Creek family haven’t decided about serving.  Somehow I’ve failed in my efforts to communicate why it’s important for all of us.  So here goes.

I stopped in local drug store yesterday, and as I paid for my purchase, I asked the cashier, “How are you doing today?”  Her response stunned me.  “I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that.”  This woman works in a retail establishment, comes face-to-face with people all day, and NO ONE bothers to ask her how she’s doing?  That’s about the most basic level of caring possible, and yet she never even gets that.

How many people like that do we interact with every day?  People who may wonder if anyone cares, or if anyone knows, or if God cares or even knows about them?  Ignite Weekend is a chance to change that.  It’s a chance to say with our actions that God knows them, God loves them.  It’s our chance to ask, “How are you doing today?” and then offer to serve in some tangible way.

So if the robo-call helps encourage you to take action, then I’m not sorry for interrupting your evening.  Because somewhere in this city is a person wondering if anyone knows, or cares.  And my call to you may very well provide the answer to their question.

If you haven’t already signed up, please take five minutes today and do it.  Just click here, and select the project you’d like to serve on.  Thank you for helping us ignite the HOPE of Christ this weekend!

-Pastor Mark

P.S. We’re collecting a number of items this weekend.  Please consider clearing out your old stuff and putting it to good use:

Used Bikes – Saturday (9 am to Noon) – Any size, any condition.  Bring to 13 Firstfield

Winter Coats – Sunday (morning) – New or gently used, children’s and adults sizes.  Bring to 13 Firstfield

Baby Clothing – Sunday (morning) – New/gently used onesies & winter tops/pants for boys/girls 12 – 18 months


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  1. No apologies needed! I was thrilled that you left a recording, personal touch from a pastor goes a long way…. for the first time, I stopped and listened and chuckled!! I have to say you sounded great…have you ever thought of signing up for political campaign?? Just kidding!! – Thanks, I saved your message on my home phone. 🙂 Berni

  2. It all makes sense now! We were sitting at our bible study and all the sudden within 1 minute of each other everyone’s phones went off. I was wondering if it was some sign from God 🙂 If your message helped at least one more person get involved in ignite weekend, it was worth it!

  3. No need to apologize! You do an amazing job of managing and leading this great church to do great things….can’t wait to hear the stories of lives changed from this weekend 🙂 (And yes, I really do read your blog every week…LOL)

  4. I am glad you called…I was interested in Writing Cards for the Troops.. But now I can not… so I called and signed up for two other Ignite plans… So now you have me for two not one interest!…

  5. I was thrilled to get your message! It reminded me that I am a part of something, a family, a church, a movement. I am part of Christ. Thank you, Pastor Mark. How are you doing today?

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