Was this the worst storm in your life?

My guess is that the answer is, “No.”  I’ve talked with many of you.  I know what kind of storms you’ve weathered.  Health, family, financial, and faith storms.  The ones that never make it to the headlines, but that turn your life upside down.  But whenever storms come along, we tend to get reflective.  It makes us think about the bigger picture.  It teaches us things that we won’t soon forget.  For example, I learned that:

  • We don’t really have much control over some of the most important things that make modern life what it is (electricity for example).  The TV series, Revolution, provides a chilling reminder of how tenuous is our grip on civilization as we know it.
  • There’s thinking you’re prepared, and then there’s actually realizing that you WEREN’T prepared enough (as the residents of New Jersey and New York are discovering).
  • Even though there’s probably enough food in my pantry to feed a family for a couple weeks, but I still felt like I needed to “stock up” before the storm.
  • I REALLY need to get my roof fixed.

Which brings me to my point (finally, right?).  In our current series we’re learning how to live Just Like Jesus.  Often it’s the storms in our lives that cause us to reflect, and think about the bigger picture, and what it means to live that way.  Some of you are part of Seneca Creek because you went through some kind of storm.

But let me encourage you to use this post-storm time to be reminded that living that way doesn’t just happen.  Nobody drifts into being prepared.  So if you can’t join us each week in the series, download the podcast, and take the steps in your own life that will help you live Just Like Jesus, storms or no storms. (NOTE: Remember to turn your clocks BACK one hour this Saturday before you go to bed.  Otherwise you’ll show up one hour early for our worship gathering.)

Finally, even though everyone talked about the storm all week, we DID just complete Ignite Weekend!  A huge thank you to the hundreds of you who stepped up and served in our city and beyond!  The stories are still coming in, and we’ll provide a full report in the coming weeks!

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If the storm has created hardships or problems in your life, please let us know so we can try to help.

P.P.S. If you learned some valuable things through last week’s storm, why not take a minute to share them in the comment box below.

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