After the election, what?

Well the robo-calls and the endless mud-slinging TV ads are over.  (It’s okay to say “Amen!”)  So now what?  Does it all matter?  Here are a few thoughts from a friend of mine.

In the days before the election, Alvin Sanders wrote these words:

  1. We know who is going to win. A flawed man working in a faulty system living in a broken world. Guarantee you that is who is going to win.
  2. We also know that neither candidate made the sun come up this morning or will make it set this evening.
  3. And I am pretty sure that if your personal choice does not win, you are not in charge of deciding if the world is going to come to an end!  (

And he’s absolutely right.  From the president on down to the local dog-catcher, every elected official is a flawed person working in a faulty system living in a broken world.  All the more reason why the church of Jesus Christ needs to ignite the HOPE of Christ in every corner of every community.  That’s the only way to true restoration.  And by the way, those imperfect elected officials…they could use prayer.  Even if they aren’t willing to acknowledge it.  What if we put as much time into praying for those in office as we did trying to get them elected?

Alvin’s also right about making the sun come up and go back down.  There’s a whole lot of rhetoric (a.k.a. empty promises) in the campaigns. But as the writer of Proverbs puts it, the king’s heart is in the Lord’s hands. (Pr. 21:1)  If you want to know who can actually change things, it’s God.  Sure, he sometimes uses government and its leaders.  But often times, he simply uses the power of the Word of God and the Spirit of God.  Please don’t act like your candidate is going to save the world.

And finally, the world as we know it will come to an end some day.  But it won’t be the fault of the Democrats or the Republicans (or the Libertarians, or any other group).  And until that day comes, there’s work to be done.  As Jesus said, the fields are ripe for the harvest.  (Jn. 4:35)

So in a country that’s fed up with political promises that end up in the dumpster, let’s resolve to offer real hope, and real change.  Not in a president, or senator, or council-member…but in a King.

-Pastor Mark

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  1. Pastor Mark, that is for sure, and as a registered Independent (I vote on values, not party)…it is DOUBLY true, since I got robo-called from ALL sides. However, I must admit I felt my heart sink when I noticed the number of comments on my FaceBook page from “friends” that that seemed to indicate their lack of concern for one candidtate’s stance on abortion and same-sex marriage. One candidate took a stand on these issues and lost the election, undoudtedly because of that stance.

    At least he took a stand, and undoubtedly I will loose some friends as well over my stance on these issues as well. So be it. As a pastor friend of mine once said, “Ya gotta love everyone, but ya don’t gotta like ’em. Too bad FaceBook doesn’t have a “Don’t Like” button for comments. Sigh. I wish I could just sit back and shrug it off, but I can’t.

  2. Lead Pastor Marrk,

    I so like your position of not using your leadship position on political matters.

  3. AMEN!!! What we can do, whether or not our chosen person is in office, pray for our President! He is probably the most stressed out person in the world. Besides, God was really the one who put the person in office!!

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