A church for working people, parents, cyclists and more


News flash: Sundays aren’t for “church” anymore.  Check out the local paper, or the community webpage.  If you have kids involved in sports, you know what I’m talking about.  Twenty years ago we could count on Sunday morning as a “set aside” time in our culture.  Not anymore.  Whether it’s your job, your kids’ schedules, or something else, Sunday morning is no longer a guaranteed option for a big part of our community.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m so excited about our Saturday gathering.  Starting this Saturday, April 6th at 6:00 pm we’ll offer a chance for the rest of the community to experience a Seneca Creek worship gathering at a time that just might fit their increasingly busy schedules.

Some of you know I enjoy cycling.  And Sunday mornings are THE big time for organized rides and races.  Up until now, inviting my friends to Seneca Creek meant asking them to give up something they’re passionate about.  Now I have a great option to offer.  So do you.

What about those of you who are Sunday-go-to-church types at Seneca Creek?  Here’s the buzz on that.

  • Many of you have committed to switching to Saturday in order to create more room on Sundays at 11:00.  This is actually what caused us to create this new worship gathering.  THANK YOU!
  • Almost 100 of you have stepped up to be part of the small army of volunteers needed to make Saturday happen.  THANK YOU!
  • Others have said that Saturday actually fits better for you.  I’m glad we’ll be able to connect more consistently with you on the weekends.
  • And still others have pointed out that now your friend/family can finally attend with you.  I think this is one of the surprise benefits we never anticipated.

In a few days we’ll be able to offer a life-changing worship gathering to all the people who have to work on Sundays, or have to get their kids to a game on Sundays, or have some other conflict they’re not able or willing to change.  And that’s the kind of church I’m excited to be part of!

I hope to see many of you this Saturday at 6:00 pm (or Sunday!).  And don’t forget to invite a friend.

-Pastor Mark

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  1. Camille Bisceglio

    Your post brought tears to my eyes because I am sooo happy that we are growing as a church and will bring many more people to Jesus! I truly love Seneca Creek and know that this is my home.

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