Why do we have to talk about this?

When it comes to popular music, I’m about the last guy to know what’s happening.  But a recent song has captured my attention…as well as attracting no small amount of angry reaction from some very diverse corners of our culture.  The song is recorded by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J.  Yes, you read that right.

The song is “Accidental Racist.”  And regardless of what you think about it, the very fact that it’s written, and the flurry of reactions to it is a clear indication that we’re not done with this conversation in our culture.  And since Seneca Creek is called to bring the HOPE of Christ to this culture…we’re not done with the conversation either.


That’s why we’re welcoming a special guest speaker, Dr. Alvin Sanders, on the weekend of April 20-21.  Dr. Sanders has a fancy title that may not mean much to you.  But his insights and his writing on this topic may mean quite a bit.  Here are some recent examples from his blog, “On the Grind: Leading Toward God’s Diverse Kingdom” (www.alvinsanders.net)

  • 42: Plan an Opportunity
  • Justice and the Gospel
  • Final 4 of March Multi-Ethnic Madness
  • Black President, Latino Pope.  Evangelicals Are You Paying Attention?
  • Can’t We All Get Along?

Dr. Sanders will be presenting a workshop on Saturday, April 20th, at Noon, and then he’ll preach at all three weekend services.  I urge you to join us for this exciting weekend, including our first “Diversity Unite” celebration.  We want to share, and appreciate the rich diversity of God’s people through our unique cultures and countries.  For more info, click here.

We will courageously continue the conversation because the gospel is a message of reconciliation.  And the church is called to be a place that reconciles people to God, and to one another, and then to reflect the heart of God to our world.

-Pastor Mark

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