Is your work really working?

Frustrated Office Worker

Last weekend we learned that our work is intended to be life-giving and God-honoring.  The question is, has that been your experience?  Is there more that we could do to help you have that experience? (check the podcast if you missed the conversation)

It would be so helpful if you could take the survey(s) below.  We’ll use the results to determine how we may be able to continue this conversation, and develop a way to bring our faith and our work together in ways that truly are life-giving, God-honoring, and that ignite the HOPE of Christ in this world.  As always, your additional comments are welcome in the space provided.

Thanks for your participation.

-Pastor Mark

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  1. I just started this job. I studied somethin else I am doing something different probably this is the field that I was called for though, I never liked before. The sermon made a huge different in my thinking.

  2. A link to the podcast might be helpful… save those of us who missed it all the digging around to find it (yes, I am that lazy!). GOOD topic! I like.

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