McDonald’s® vs. the church


The question just won’t go away.  If a local McDonald’s® suddenly disappeared, people would notice, and they would miss it, and they would wonder what happened (despite Morgan Spurlock’s best efforts).  But what about a local church?

That’s the question raised last weekend by Dr. Alvin Sanders as he spoke about what’s really significant.  (Check it out here).  If Seneca Creek suddenly disappeared, would the residents of Gaithersburg, Germantown, and other local communities even notice?  Would they miss us?  Would they wonder what happened?  In other words, are we simply “successful,” or are we actually significant in the things that God is most concerned with?

It’s a great question, and not just for pastors.  We say “the church has no walls” because WE are the church, wherever we go!  So the same question should be asked about every place where the church resides.  And that means our neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and cul-de-sacs.  If God suddenly removed you from your location, would people notice?  Would they miss your impact?  Would they wonder what happened to the person/family that lived out the HOPE of the gospel?  Paul says we carry around a TREASURE in jars of clay (2 Corinthians 4:7).  Are we enriching our communities with HOPE?

Poll Update: Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll last week about faith and work.  Here are the results:

I consider my work to be a sacred calling.

Answer Votes Percent
Occasionally 19 38%
Rarely 13 26%
Frequently 9 18%
Consistently 9 18%

I believe my work is God-honoring

Answer Votes Percent
Occasionally 17 38%
Frequently 17 38%
Consistently 8 18%
Rarely 3 7%

I find my work to be life-giving

Answer Votes Percent
Occasionally 18 38%
Frequently 13 28%
Consistently 9 19%
Rarely 7 15%

More details to come…

-Pastor Mark

P.S. Whatever your marital status, you don’t want to miss this weekend as I share Something Worth Living For, “A Marriage that Endures.”  This affects ALL of us!

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