What if God DID answer your prayer?

Winning feels great!

We all pray, right?  Maybe you really believe God will hear and answer.  Maybe you do it because you don’t know what else to do.  But have you ever wondered what would happen if God really DID hear and answer?

Imagine if God sat down with you at the end of the week and said, “I’m going to grant every prayer request you submitted this past week.”  What would that mean?

Would it mean…

  • You’d have a better parking place
  • The speed camera didn’t work right and you have one less speeding ticket
  • You’d get a bigger bonus at work
  • Your kids would stop whining
  • Your spouse would let you do what you want
  • The lab results would come back clean
  • The annoying co-worker would get re-assigned to another department

Those aren’t bad things to pray for.  But we often set our sights too low.  What if we asked God for greater things?  What if you asked him…

  • To remove your bitterness and replace it with joy
  • To soften the heart of the person who annoys you so they will be open to God’s truth
  • To give you the humility to see where you need to grow
  • To help you give your kids an alternative to a me-centered worldview
  • To help you point another person toward Jesus
  • To live out, or even speak out the truth of the HOPE of the gospel
  • To give you a heart of gratitude and contentment
  • For the courage to step out of your fear and attempt something great for God

We often say that we want to “pray and plan as if God is going to show up.”  This week, why not assume he WILL show up…and pray some bold, courageous prayers.  You may be surprised at what God does.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. Here’s an amazing video story of what happens when God DOES answer even our most unbelievable prayer:

Whispering Danny

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