Weekends are crazy. We can help.

busy-2Like it or not, life can get pretty crazy around here.  Thankfully, you’ve got some great options.

One recent article indicated that upwards of 25% of Americans have to work on Sundays.  And if you have kids involved in sports teams, you may very well have Sunday games.  Add to that the travel for work, the charity race or run you signed up for, and before you know it, Sunday can get extremely packed!

So if you’re wanting to stay connected, refreshed, and spiritually grounded, don’t let your Sunday schedule prevent you from joining us!  We’re now six weeks into our brand new Saturday Gathering.  Every week we have a 6:00 pm Saturday event that is the same as Sunday, INCLUDING PowerHouse and Middle School for your kids!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to do so.  What you’ll find, in addition to the same great experience you’re used to on Sundays, is a relaxed, connected environment.  There’s no rush to make way for the next gathering.  There’s no hurry to get home for dinner or chores.  In fact, many people find it’s a great time to hook up with friends and head out for dinner.

Whatever your schedule, we look forward to seeing you this weekend as we kick off a new series, “For God’s Sake.”  It’s sure to rock your world in a very good way.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If you’ve had a chance to check out the Saturday gathering, we’d love to get your feedback.  Use the comment box below.  Thanks!

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