The last job of a leader


One of my favorite leadership quotes is from Max De Pree, who summed up a leader’s role in three jobs.  The first job is to define reality.  The last job of a leader is to say thank you.

In June my job was to define the reality of many kids in our community who don’t have the resources to afford backpacks for the new school year.  I also defined the reality that we had the ability to make a difference.  And now, I don’t want to fail in my job, so I need to say thank you.  Thank you to each of you who participated in our wildly successful backpack drive and giveaway this summer.  Because of your generosity:

  • There are 590 little people who are going to start school in four days with a brand new, fully equipped backpack.
  • There are 590 little people who will have a little more bounce in their step, smile on their face, and anticipation in their hearts.
  • There are 590 little people who are better prepared to succeed in the crucial challenge of acquiring an education.
  • There are 590 little people who will march into school, and march into their future with a brighter hope.
  • There are 590 little people who have a better shot at success in life for decades to come.

And it’s because of you.  Thank you.  In fact, thank you 590 times over!  Is there more to do?  Sure.  But for today, let’s celebrate what we did together.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. For fun, take the poll below to see if you can guess the other job of a leader from Max De Pree’s description (between defining reality and saying thank you).  And no fair using Google!

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  1. So, what WAS Max De Pree’s actual middle job?

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