Okay, so now YOU’RE the teacher!

A large, empty classroom.

I just returned from a funeral for a dear friend, Alice Schmidt.  And there’s something about her life that really stands out and challenges all of us.

Alice was a teacher.  By occupation, yes, but also by character.  She taught everywhere she went.  But perhaps most importantly, she taught by example.  If you spent any time with her, you would learn some important things about life, love, faith, and God.

Which got me thinking…what lesson is my life teaching?  (long awkward pause…)

What lesson is your life teaching?  (now it’s your turn…)

If people were to talk about the lesson they learned from your life, what would that be?

What would you WANT that to be?

What can you do today to make that lesson clear and memorable for the people in your life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

And I look forward to seeing you this weekend at Seneca Creek.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. The results are in from last week’s poll.  The good news is that 36% of those who voted got the right answer.  According to Max De Pree, the the leader’s job, between defining reality and saying thank you, is “to serve.”  Thanks to everyone who participated!

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  1. Great post and way of describing the amazing special women that Alice was. She taught and blessed me in many ways. Thanks for reminding us all how we can and should want to leave a legacy as amazing as the one Alice left.

  2. I am deeply saddened by Alice’s passing.

  3. Kathy Ciccarello

    I did not know Alice but it sounds like she was “mindful” of how she wanted to “show up” for God. Being mindful means that we know who we are, who we want to be in any given situation/moment–truly making the most of all opportunities.

  4. Walter and Alice were my adopted grandparents. I never knew my grandparents but I do hope they had the same wisdom and relationship with Jesus as Walter and Alice possessed! When I shook Mark’s hand at the funereal yesterday, we knew we had to carry on that legacy as Walter and Alice did.

  5. Good bye, Ms. Alice. Our kids loved chatting each Sunday during our two years living in Maryland.

  6. What a great conversation starter for the dinner table! So sad for Alice’s family, but so grateful for the way she lived a transparent life. I’ll let you know how our table-talk goes 🙂

  7. Thank you Mark.. I so agree with you Alice was an Amazing woman.. I met her shortly after her husband Walter passed away. We got to know each other through shared stories. We found out that My father and husband both worked with Walter over the years, I work with Special Ed students and she did too one year…She said I had the patience to do such glorious work. I have always said if I could be like any one of my friends, She was the one! She was Godly, caring, teaching at all times, honest, and very funny. But my most memorable memories of her is the little notes she would send to me just out of the blue.Such encouraging words she would give to me. So many of them adorn my many Bibles sitting around the house.. I can not be sad that she is with Walter and Jesus. What better arms to be in now? I will miss her flashy blue eyes forever!

  8. So sorry to hear that sweet Alice passed away. Both she and Walter were incredibly kind to me and Chris, and I loved to see her at church! I remember that she and Walter were praying together and studying their Bibles when he suddenly passed away. What an incredible legacy! She never lost her faith and her graciousness.

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