Yes, you came to the rescue

iStock_000005144538LargeLast weekend we were deeply moved by the stories and music of the Children of the World choir. And they pointed out something that we sometimes miss out on.

They helped us see some of the ways in which rescue operations are taking place around the globe. Rescuing people (including babies) from the injustice that lurks in virtually every corner of this world.

By helping us see, they challenged us to respond. They invited us to participate in the rescue of those who have lost hope. Then Pastor Warren reminded us that when God comes to the rescue, he does it through people like us.

I’m thrilled to report that because of your generosity, over $10,000 was received last weekend to help with the ministries of World Help, and their Operation Baby Rescue! I can’t thank you enough. Especially since many of you have recently made courageous financial commitments to our Unleash initiatives. You’ve demonstrated that Seneca Creek is, indeed, becoming a generous church. And that is evidence of living a Spirit-empowered life. Thank you for “coming to the rescue” in a tangible way.

I hope you can join us again this weekend as we kick off a new series, “The Great ADVENTure.” We’re going to discover (again?) how to experience the Advent season as it was intended.

-Pastor Mark

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