Disappointed with your Christmas gifts?


The Christmas gifts are all opened, and the trees are mostly gone. But did you receive the gift you really wanted?

At our staff meeting this week we wrestled with this crucial question, “What do you really want this year?” The conversation ranged from personal goals, to dreams, to hopes, to the extremely challenging obstacles.

In the past month I’ve probably read more than 30 articles that offer advice on how to make resolutions stick, how to start new habits, and how to finally stop procrastinating, etc. After all, this is the time of year we think about what we’d really like to change. Often this is what we really want, even more than a new sweater.

So as we launch this year, what do you really want for yourself? And before you answer that, let me ask it another way. Think of yourself as a child—specifically a child of God—and think of God as your heavenly father. What would a good and wise father want for you this year? (If you’re a parent, this may be easier for you to imagine.) Are your desires for you, and the desires of your heavenly Father even in the same neighborhood?

Whatever your answer is, I believe that our new series, “Upgrade Your Life” can help. We can help you learn how to live a purposeful, spirit-empowered life. Be sure to join us or tune in to the podcast each week. Topics include how to upgrade several key areas:

  • Your net worth
  • Your downtime
  • Your satisfaction
  • Your appetites
  • Your faith
  • Your friendships
  • Your legacy

So stay warm, and I hope to see you this weekend as we gather to connect with each other, and with our heavenly Father.

-Pastor Mark

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