Bet you never thought you’d hear a preacher say this…

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Last weekend I did something during the teaching portion of the message that’s really hard for preachers to do…and something you may never have thought you’d hear during a sermon. 

We had two minutes of absolute silence. Nothing but the sound of the ventilation system. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how it would work. I mean, preachers are used to talking. And talking. (Hey, no snickering!) Silence almost seems like malpractice. And people come to a worship gathering to hear someone sing, speak, etc. Right?

But then again…our weekend gatherings are designed to help us connect not just with one another. They’re designed to help us connect with God. Sometimes we can’t connect with God until we’re silent. As we noted last weekend, the writer of Psalm 46 gives us God’s perspective, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Several people commented afterward that they truly appreciated the time of silence. For others, I’m sure it was a bit awkward or uncomfortable. We don’t always like what we seen when we’re faced with a reflective moment.

What about you? If you were with us, have you extended that practice beyond 120 seconds of silence on the weekend? If you were not with us, why not take a few minutes today and shut off all the other noise. And reflect on these questions:

  • How have I been wanting to be with God?
  • How has God been wanting to be with me?

There’s nothing wrong with being with all kinds of other people. Or of wanting to just be alone for a while. But what about being silent, and just being with God? The most valuable thing I could say to you may possibly be that you stop listening to everyone else (yes, that includes me), and listen to God for a few minutes.

I hope you can join us this weekend for “Upgrading Your Satisfaction,” and also for the MLK Day of Service on Monday.
– Pastor Mark

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  1. Pastor Mark,

    I am so blessed to be apart of SCCC and see God move. SCCC used the term “Unleash” and now the music world for 2014 is using the same term for the grammys.

  2. Maybe we can try a sermon where the audience gets to ask questions

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