Three ways to keep your life from becoming a junk heap. Part 2


Despite the absence of any data to support us, car owners sometimes believe (wish?) that ignoring a problem with their cars will lead to a happy conclusion.

I’m referring to the “check engine light,” that annoying little yellow icon that seems to appear on the dashboard for no apparent reason.  I know I’ve been guilty of trying to ignore that light.  Perhaps you have, too.  We think, “Well, the car is still RUNNING, right?  Maybe it’s just a problem with the light…and it will fix itself and go away if I wait long enough.”  Right! The warning light is warning you to take action before it’s too late.  It’s like insider information…act now, and save a whole lot of headaches and money later.

There are “check engine lights” that come on the dashboard of our lives, too.  And sometimes it seems easier to simply ignore them…hoping they’ll go away.  After all, we’re still functioning pretty well, right? Maybe they’ll fix themselves?  Besides, who’s got time to deal with that problem right now?  What are those warning lights?  They’re things like:

  • The tendency to hide things from your closest friend(s)
  • A growing desire to avoid that difficult conversation you need to have
  • Wondering if your life has any purpose
  • Looking forward to escaping your real life through media, alcohol, drugs, fantasies, etc.
  • A lack of any desire to seek God, or his purposes in your life
  • Inability to have meaningful, life-giving conversations with your spouse
  • Inability to have meaningful, life-giving conversations with your children
  • Continually living beyond your means
  • Hoping no one finds out about your struggle with _____________ (anger, porn, alcohol, etc.)

When these types of warning lights come on, it’s time to act.  It’s time to get yourself connected with someone who can help you diagnose what’s going on (e.g. a trusted spiritual friend, a Converge group leader, a ministry leader, a counselor, a pastor, etc.)  It’s much easier to deal with these things BEFORE your inner life disintegrates into a junk-heap.

Is there a check engine light that’s been glowing on the dashboard of your life lately?  Why not do something about it today?  You could save yourself (and others) a whole lot of headaches and expense later.

In my next blog we’ll take a look at the third way to keep your life from becoming a junk heap.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. Click here for Part 1 of this series.

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  1. Good word, Mark. I wonder if noone is replying because you nailed them on some of these? I know I squirmed on a few.

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