Three ways to keep your life from becoming a junk heap. Part 3

Your life, just like your car, can quickly slide from a sweet ride to a junk heap (you know, where things don’t work right, you don’t enjoy your life, you’re embarrassed for anyone to see what it really looks like, etc.).  The good news: you can do something to halt the slide.

We’ve already looked at “routine maintenance,” and taking action when the “check engine light” comes on.  This week, we take up the topic of limits.

When you exceed the design limits for a car, things start to go wrong.

  • You run out of fuel because you’re limited to a certain amount of fuel.
  • You slide off the road because you exceed the limits of your tires to grip the slippery road.
  • You break a front suspension part because you hit a pothole and exceed the limits of the metal parts that help steer your car.
  • You burn up a transmission because you tried to tow a trailer that was too heavy for your car.
(taken in Waldorf, MD)

(taken in Waldorf, MD)

Your life is designed with limits, too.  (I’m sorry if someone told you otherwise.)  When you exceed the design limits, things start to go wrong.

  • You begin to snap and snarl at others because you aren’t getting enough rest.
  • You resent your job/boss/career because you’re working seven days a week and ignoring the Sabbath design.
  • You feel sluggish and exhausted because you try to fuel your body on food that it wasn’t designed to process.
  • You’re spiritually apathetic because you’re trying to live life without regularly connecting with the source of spiritual life.
  • You feel a persistent anger because you’re carrying around bitterness and unforgiveness that you weren’t designed to handle.

When I meet with people who are sliding into a junk heap, it’s usually because they’ve ignored limits.  Or because they’ve ignored routine maintenance.  Or because they’ve ignored a check engine light.  The good news is, you can do something about these problems.  The question is, what’s stopping you?

-Pastor Mark





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