God drives the short bus


There are school buses.  And then there are short buses.  Typically the short bus is for the special kid, the one who attends a special school, often times with special needs.

Here’s what I continue to learn.  We all belong on the short bus.  I listen to people’s stories week after week.  And I’m constantly reminded that everyone has a story, and most of them will blow you away.  Insecurity.  Doubt.  Anger and estrangement from God and others.  Attempted suicide.  Shameful secrets.  Horrifying family history.  Rebellion that lasts for decades.  Paralyzing fears.  We keep these stories hidden behind a veneer.  Because we don’t want to ride the short bus.

But God drives the short bus.  He makes a special stop in your neighborhood.  He opens the door and invites you to a “program” that is customized just for you.  He’s your father, for crying out loud.  He knows your past.  He knows your wounds. He knows your secrets.  He knows your fears.  He knows you’ve run from him, or the truth.  He knows you don’t belong on the long bus.  None of us do.

That’s why Jesus said what he did in Matthew 11:28:

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

The short bus is where God meets us, and begins to heal us, and change us, and restore us, and equip us, and commission us.  The only requirement is to get on the short bus.  To get over ourselves, and get on with becoming our REAL selves.  Yes, someone might see you getting on the short bus.  Yes, they might snicker and gossip.  Just remember that God brings a short bus to their house, too.

Which bus are you going to get on?  Hope to meet you on the short bus.

– Pastor Mark

P.S. If you haven’t been baptized yet, check out the Baptism Info classes on Nov. 15 and 22.

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