What are YOU waiting for?

Shepherds waiting

On a starry night in Bethlehem, a nation was waiting for God to fulfill his promise of deliverance and freedom.  It’s summed up powerfully in the words to the song, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

O come, O come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here until the Son of God appears
Rejoice rejoice, Emmanuel shall come to thee oh Israel*

As we approach Advent (which means, “arrival”) it’s worth asking what we’re waiting for?  Are there promises of God that you’re holding on to?  Is there a freedom that has eluded you?  Is there anything you long for God to do in your life, your marriage, your family, or your city?

The longings of our heart are often expressed in our prayers.  What are you praying for this season?  What do you need God to do for you?  Whatever that is, ask.  (You may recall our recent series on Learning the Language of God.)  This is the time and the season to ask.  Not Santa Claus, but the one whom St. Nicholas worshiped: Emmanuel – God with us.

Oh come thou day-spring come and cheer our spirits by thine advent here
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night and death’s dark shadows put to flight
Oh come desire of nations bind in one the hearts of all mankind
Bid thou our sad divisions cease and be thyself our king of peace
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel shall come to thee oh Israel*

I’m praying for God to bring his power and peace into your life and into our world this time of year.

-Pastor Mark

* by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1864

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  1. i’m waiting for the kind of closure that only GOD could provide. I’m waiting for the Lord to dry those tears up and calm the angry tide rushing around my mind at such a pace that has made my heart sick this past year. That’s what i want this year for Christmas; as a friend put it this morning, that the past would be put to death.

  2. a long i’ve been listening to recently;

    Here I cry, Lord, we pray
    Our faces down, our hands are raised
    You called us out, we turned away
    We’ve turned away

    With shipwrecked faith, the idols rise
    We do what is right in our own eyes
    Our children now will pay the price
    We need Your light, Lord, shine Your light

    If we’ve ever need You
    Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
    We are desperate for Your hand
    We’re reaching out, we’re reaching out

    All our hearts, all our strength
    With all our minds, we’re at Your feet
    May Your kingdom come in our hearts and lives
    Let Your church arise, let Your church arise

    If we’ve ever need You
    Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
    We are desperate for Your hand
    We’re reaching out, we’re reaching out

    Casting Crowns, If We’ve Ever Needed You.

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