How to avoid the “good-enough” virus



When I was growing up I learned to say, “It’s good enough for government work.”  IOW, do the job in a haphazard way, then move on.  Now that I live in the DC area and have many friends who work for the government, I’ve stricken that phrase from my vocabulary.  But that dangerous syndrome is not limited to one sector.

It happens in almost every arena of life. Class assignments, business presentations, home projects, volunteer responsibilities, and even relationship conversations.  It’s the “good-enough” syndrome.  And it can infect like a virus, with dangerous consequence.

The “good-enough” syndrome is the antithesis of the fruitless search for perfection.  Neither are healthy. But one place where the “good-enough” syndrome can rear it’s ugly head is in our church.  In particular, in our Unleash campaign.  Let me explain.

We know that the children and students here at Seneca Creek have had to deal with makeshift and sometimes bizarre accommodations when they meet on Sundays.  They’ve done this for over five years, while the adults have had the comfort of the auditorium which took the lions’ share of the budget during our initial construction in 2010.  Because of this we realized the need to create space for children and students that said, “You matter to us!”  So for the past two and a half years we’ve pulled together and made financial sacrifices to accomplish the goal of “Unleashing new ministry space for generations to come.”

As of this moment, we’re REAL CLOSE.  (We have $1.1M of the $1.3M goal!) Some might even be tempted to say, “Close enough…good enough.”  And when the constructions starts in the next few weeks, that temptation will grow even stronger.

I’m asking you to resist that temptation.  Resist the “good-enough” syndrome.  Because it’s a lie.  Our project goal is $1.3 million.  And if we stop at $1.1M, or $1.2M, or even $1.25M, we will not be able to do each of the important things that we set out to do.  It’s not that we’ll have plastic seats instead of leather (as an example).  It’s that we won’t be able to get the “seats” at all.

So as you prayerfully consider what God may be calling you to do in regard to the Unleash campaign, I urge you to resist the “good-enough” syndrome.  Instead, join with me in saying, “we will finish what we started, and settle for nothing less!”

Thank you again for your faithful support in every way.  We’ll have more details about the construction phase very soon.  I look forward to how God is going to use this space for his purposes!

-Pastor Mark


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