Don’t pull up the weeds or we’ll starve



They’re often based on partial truths.

So it is with this week’s conversation.

“Healing in the church.”

(pause while memories flood back in, and some choose to click, “Delete”)


It’s the wheat and the weeds.  (see Jesus’ story from Matthew 13 here.)

You can’t pull up the weeds without destroying the crop.

Pulling them up is the same as tossing them out.

We tend to pull up the “weed” healers and toss them out.

And we lose the crop.

But…Jesus was serious about healing.

He healed the sick and the lame.

He healed those afflicted with spiritual maladies.

He healed those who were wounded by a cruel culture.

He healed those who couldn’t see.

He healed those who didn’t expect it or deserve it.

Because he came to heal and restore all of God’s world.

That’s good news.

That’s literally what “gospel” means.



We need healing.

Our spirits are wounded.

Our relationships are poisoned.

Our bodies are breaking down.

Our minds are afflicted with lies.

Our emotions are inflamed.

Our finances are riddled with disease.

(pause for honest reflection)


We need the real crop.

We need the healing power of the gospel of Jesus.

So does every person you meet this week.

That’s why we’re committed to igniting the H.O.P.E. of the gospel.

It’s not just a doctrine…it’s a revolution of life.

It’s real hope.


-Pastor Mark

P.S.  If you have a story of healing thru the gospel, please consider sharing it below.

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