The wrecking ball of God


If you’ve been around Seneca Creek this summer you’ve no doubt seen the signs of construction.  Dumpsters, danger signs, and debris are everywhere.  And imagine my surprise when I returned to the office after vacation! 

The entrance to our staff offices was completely gone.  The lovely glass wall was replaced by a temporary wall marked with blue tape.  Drab, dull, and just a bit confusing.
But all this disruption is necessary if we’re going to make way for something new, something better.  Before we can build a space for children and students we have to bring in the wrecking ball and take out the old structures.  Demolition precedes construction.

I’ve observed that God often brings his wrecking ball into our lives.  Not to make life miserable, but to make room for something new.  And in order to accomplish that, often the old has to go.

  • The old habits that are woven into our life…yes some of them are truly addictions
  • The old hobbies that compete for the place that rightly belongs to God
  • The old ways of thinking that define who’s in and who’s out
  • The old views of God that need to be discarded and replaced with the real Jesus
  • The old values that are directed by self-centered thinking instead of other-centered.
  • The old phrases and comments that we use to dismiss entire groups of people
  • The old appetites for approval from someone other than God

When God’s wrecking ball smacks into old ways like these, we often complain, resist, or run for the door.  But in doing so we miss out on something new.  The prophet Isaiah records this profound statement:

See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.  (Isaiah 43:19)

The old ways are really nothing more than wilderness and wasteland, covered with a shiny veneer.  What new thing might God do in your life?  New hope, new relationships, new values, new habits, new joy, new peace.  It’s nothing short of a new life.  And that, after all, is what Jesus promises us in the first place.

The wrecking ball of God may not be such a bad thing after all.

Serving and growing together,
Pastor Mark

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  1. “Demolition precedes construction. “…..God’s words to me for the journey I’m now on.

    Thank you.

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