What’s a human worth?

BoyWhen you see another person, what are they worth?  How do you decide (which we all do)?

  • When someone doesn’t meet our expectations, we can treat them as slightly less valuable.
  • When we accomplish something (thru whatever means), we can begin to believe that we’re slightly more valuable.
  • When we see someone who is caught in a cycle of (fill in the blank: addiction, relationship failure, lack of boundaries, cultural myths…) we start to move them down a notch on the value scale.
  • When we encounter someone who hasn’t learned or remembered what we know, they drop in value in our minds.
  • When we learn that the other person doesn’t think like we do, or vote like we do, we’re inclined to devalue them, and add value to those who do agree with us and vote with us.
  • And whenever our value goes up in our minds, or the other person’s value goes down, we are flying in the face of the real value of each person.  Because the truth is, we have value because we’re created by God, and for God.  Call it BGFG.

So when you look in the mirror, remember that your value is beyond calculation… Before you ever do or say anything. Nothing you do or say will change that!

Likewise, when the next person enters your field of vision, regardless of how they look, love, act, talk, smell, or treat you, they also have value beyond calculation.  And remembering that will definitely change the way you treat them.  And quite likely change the world in the process!


What’s a human worth?  Well God thinks a human is worth dying for.  Do you agree with him?  –

Pastor Mark

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  1. All the things that saddens me most about our world stems from this issue of devaluing life or elevating one’s own value at the detriment of others. There’s also a strange belief that valuing someone beyond calculation means you’ve transferred value from somewhere else to give to another. This seems to be a fear for many: that valuing someone else reduces their own value. And, of course, the more different that other person is to us, the more people fear this transfer of value. Seems what we are all fighting for is already God given.

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