Be careful what you pray for…


Last week I wrote about turning “bodies into neighbors.”  It was a phrase from our Sunday morning conversation about focus on mission, and the call to love our neighbors.  Like some of you, I started praying.  Then this happened.

I spent the better part of three days this week at a small gathering of evangelical pastors and Muslim imams.  The purpose was to begin to change the environment locally, and globally between these two dominant faiths.  And along the way, God began to change bodies into neighbors.

Not only did I meet some courageous, like-minded pastors in the DC area (including one who has spoken powerfully about the racial tensions currently bubbling over in our country), but I met several imams, a brilliant young Muslim scholar, and a sheikh who is one of the top Muslim jurists in this country.  And under the visionary leadership of Pastor Bob Roberts of Northwood Church in Dallas, we all began to build friendships, untangle perceptions, and ask the questions nobody ever asks.  While all this was going on, something else was happening.

God was turning bodies into neighbors. I realized that despite living  in such a diverse community, I had no relationship with any Muslims.  Nor any conversations.  And it’s hard  to love those you don’t know.  But God is changing that. 

Which raises questions for all of us about loving our neighbors:

  • Can you love someone who has a different faith system?
  • Can you stand up for their rights to believe and practice their faith?
  • Can you partner with them on making a difference in our communities?
  • Can you be friends even if the other person never changes their religious beliefs to match yours?
  • Would Jesus hang out with those who didn’t agree with him?

The retreat was just the beginning.  But it was a powerful example of how God answers our prayers.  Specifically, our prayers to turn bodies into neighbors.

How are you praying?

-Pastor Mark

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  1. go to Youtube and search the story of Padina, there are No miracles in Islam, millions in Christianity. We are currently studying Islam in Apologetics class, eye-opening!

    God bless

    • As you could probably tell, the post was not about the merits or historical facts of any religion, but about how we see and treat one another in light of Jesus’ command to love or neighbors. It’s true that Christians and Muslims do not agree on some very important issues. But how would Jesus treat someone of another faith? (there are good answers to that in the gospels)

  2. Jesus did just that. He did love others not like him! My prayers are for answers to those who are healing or in need of it. AMEN!

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