Need someone else to vote for?

votejesus_mainslideAre you underwhelmed by the election year options?  Are you ready for something different?

For the next two months we’re going to figure out what it looks like to vote for an entirely different candidate.  And we’re going to discover what life would look like if we would take that bold step in our own “ballot box.”  Are you interested?

Then join us starting this Sunday, October 9th, for our series, “Vote for Jesus.”  And lest you think this is all about whether you’re Democrat, Independent, or Republican, let me assure you we’re going to make all of us uncomfortable.  Because the challenge is not just to vote for Jesus in one “election,” but in ALL the elections.  That includes voting for Jesus in important roles such as:

  • Your Marriage & Family Counselor
  • Your Financial Advisor
  • Your Community Activist
  • Your Professor
  • Your BFF or Confidant
  • Your Spiritual MMA Champ
  • Your Life Coach

And if you want to know how to regain some sanity in the current mud-slinging, name-calling, finger-pointing, nationally-embarrassing election cycle, consider this powerful antidote from a wise and influential pastor in Queens.

Remember to keep praying, and “turning bodies into neighbors” this week!

-Pastor Mark


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