It’s just a sticker . . . Right ? 

For the first time in my life I voted early.  And as I braved the defensive line of the campaign workers surrounding the pooling place I secretly wished I had one of those votejesus_mainslide“Vote for Jesus” pins that our host teams have been wearing in this series.  Maybe then they’d realize my decision had already been made and leave me alone!

After voting I proudly wrote my sticker.  I wanted people to know that I was a responsible, patriotic citizen.  I wanted people to know I had voted early. (I even posted it on social media to make SURE everyone knew!)

But as we’ve learned in this series we wake up every morning and get to vote early.  Will I vote for Jesus as my president, marriage & family counselor, financial advisor, community activist?
When you vote for Jesus that way you get a sticker.  Seriously.  I saw one yesterday.

I’m in Dallas with some of our staff for a conference on multi ethnic ministry.  And we invited a couple other ladies to join us for dinner.  The experience was bad.  Beyond bad. What should have been a simple order-eat-pay experience was dragged out and confused and frustrating and worse.  We learned that our young server was brand new,  and clearly hadn’t had enough training or support.  She grew more apologetic and distressed,  close to breaking down.

Then I saw the sticker.

One of our dinner guests stood up, leaned in to the server and whispered into her ear.  Then embraced her.  Then whispered again.  You could literally see the life flowing from her to the young distraught server.

Why would anyone do that after a horrible dinner experience?  Because she woke up that morning and voted for Jesus.  And the sticker was impossible to miss. Jesus said it would happen like this:

Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds (a. k. a.  your sticker)  and glorify your father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16

So you get to vote early.  As early as you wake up.  Will you vote for Jesus?  Will anyone see your sticker?

-Pastor Mark

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