When is it time to stop growing?

My assumption is that none of us is a finished product at this point.  God is still working on me.  And you.  But are we holding up the project?

Similar to trying to force a toddler to eat something he doesn’t like, God can’t really “force” us to change.  We have to desire it.  And then we have to act on that desire.  This is the idea behind a plan for personal growth.  Nothing complicated.  Just a simple, “here’s what I’m working on becoming right now…based on what God is wanting to do in my life.”

Could you take a minute right now and list three areas you want to change or grow in this year?

  • It could be anything from reading God’s word to reaching out to your neighbor.
  • It could be getting help for your destructive habit or giving away something that God is challenging you to give.
  • It could be baby steps toward healthier choices or big steps toward a new career or relationship.
  • It could be learning new leadership skills or new parenting skills.

The specifics aren’t important.  But this part is: what will you do to get started on accomplishing that list?

No one else can take those steps for you.  No one else can make the list or lay out the next steps.  Most of us wouldn’t appreciate it if someone else even attempted to tell us how/where to change.

But our God is in the business of helping us grow.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  2 Pet 3:18

Sometimes all that’s missing is for us to take the next step. Sometimes we’re unwittingly holding up the project.  So why not make a plan? Begin to grow again. It’s what you were designed for.

-Pastor Mark

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