Can we talk about your questionable lifestyle?

Have you ever been accused of living a questionable lifestyle?  Did you realize that’s actually how we’re supposed to live?

Not every follower of Christ is a gifted evangelist.  But we all have something to share.  That’s the whole point behind Jesus’ comments about “let your light shine before others…” (Matthew 5:16)  And as we learned last Sunday, the earliest Christians were encouraged to be able to answer the questions that people would inevitably ask about their life and faith.  The assumption was that their lives would generate questions.  Or another way to put it: they lived “questionable” lives!

Except that we rarely get asked anymore.  Our lives seldom register on anyone else’s radar.  When was the last time someone asked you to “give an answer for the hope that you have”? (1 Peter 3:15)

But all that can change with a few simple habits.  We shared these last Sunday (April 2, 2017).  Maybe you heard them.  But have you tried to live them?  Here’s the list (borrowed from Michael Frost’s, “Surprise the World.”) :

  • Bless people – make it a point to bless at least 3 people each week, one of who doesn’t attend Seneca Creek. (It could be through words, through acts of kindness, or through simple gifts)
  • Eat with people – make it a point to share a meal (or a cup of coffee) with at least 2 people each week. At least one of whom does not attend Seneca Creek.
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit – make it a habit to set aside some time (say 30 minutes) once a week to listen to what God may want to say to you. You could use something like the Lord’s prayer, or the sinner’s prayer as a way of helping to focus your mind during that time.
  • Learn Christ – spend time at least once a week (again, maybe 30 minutes) learning about Christ. Start with the four gospels, then move on to other books that are focused on the person of Christ. (See list here).

Four simple habits.  B.E.L.L. (Bless, Eat, Listen, Learn)  Make these part of your life, and people will begin to ask questions.  You’ll be living a “questionable” life.  Then you can share the answer, which is Christ.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. For more details, check out last week’s message here.

P.P.S. For a list of additional resources to “learn Christ,” click here.

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