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Hate the mold

The back of my fridge is an interesting place. It’s where we put food that we fully intend to eat. Perfectly good food that only needs to be pulled out, maybe heated, and consumed. Then other things get put in front. And the stuff at the back gets obscured. And then it happens… The perfectly good goes bad. It gets moldy, or dried out, or some other kind of nasty. And then the only thing left is to toss it in the trash. And it pains me every time. I hate the mold.

Life is like that refrigerator. Perfectly good opportunities come along. Like Ignite Week. We stick them in the fridge of our life, and we fully intend to put them to good use. They only need to be reviewed, scheduled, and completed. Then other things get put in front. Another event. Another activity. Another opportunity. Then one day we look into the back of our “fridge” and discover that it’s too late. The opportunity has gone bad. The expiration date has passed. We regretfully toss it in the trash. We hate the mold.

Ignite Week is almost here. It’s an opportunity to share the goodness of God. It’s a challenge for all of us as a church to do something together. And it’s sitting in your “refrigerator” right now. Maybe it’s already in the back. But it’s still perfectly good. It hasn’t dried out or gone moldy…yet. You can still use it.

Jesus once said,
Do you not say, “Four more months and then the harvest?” I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. (John 4:35)

If there had been refrigerators back then, maybe he would have said, “Open your eyes and look in the back of your fridge!” There’s an opportunity there. It’s an opportunity to Ignite HOPE during Ignite Week.

Check out the available serving opportunities here.

And if you know of a need where you and some other people could serve together and make a difference, let us know here.

Then let’s put our faith into action, and share the gospel of hope with our hands and feet. Let’s make Ignite Week a “mold-free zone”! Hate the mold.

-Pastor Mark

Too busy to make a difference? Really?

Okay, I have to start with this. Last Sunday was an explosion of hope! If you were with us you got hope splashed all over you as we watched story after story of people’s lives being changed by God. Like this one…

You also heard us talk about Ignite Week: 1,000 people from Seneca Creek serving during one week. And many of you (163 to be specific) responded. BUT…if you haven’t signed up yet, please read on.

Let’s face it, we’re busy people. Commuting, kids, deadlines, and commitments have us running like crazy. Taking time to serve during Ignite Week (Oct. 16-22) sounds wonderful…and not very realistic. I hear you. Let me offer a solution. Consider how much time you might spend each week watching your favorite sports team, or drama, or streaming movies. Consider how much time you spend on your iPad, Facebook, YouTube, or your fantasy football team. Consider how much time you spend dining out, or enjoying your favorite hobby. Then ask yourself this: for one week, could I take 2 or 3 hours of THAT time, and invest it in igniting hope? I suspect that we could ALL do that. We could say, “I’ll make time for this because it’s important. I’ll make time to spread the goodness of God in our city. I’ll make time to take what I believe, and actually put it into action.”

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. – 1 John 3:18

Are we busy? Certainly. Are we too busy to make a difference during Ignite Week? I certainly hope not! Please take a few minutes today to review the current opportunities, then sign up for Ignite Week. And then take the initiative to invite your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or family member to join you in serving during Montgomery County’s 25th week of serving.

Finally, if you know of a need (maybe a neighbor struggling with cancer, a family who can’t afford groceries, an organization attempting to meet the desperate needs around us, etc.) then PLEASE contact and help lead a small group of people to ignite HOPE in that way during Ignite Week. That may be exactly why God brought it to your attention in the first place.

I invite you to join us this Sunday as we kick off a new series, “Road Signs: Where Is God Leading You?” See you there!

-Pastor Mark

P.S. We’ll have a brief “family meeting” at the conclusion of Sunday’s morning gatherings for everyone who considers Seneca Creek their “church family.”

What do you remember about 9/11?

In just three days our country will remember the unforgettable tragedy of 9/11. It is forever burned into our minds. What do you remember about that day?

  • I remember standing in a crowded church office at our Ministry Center on Wisteria Drive, watching a little blurry TV image of the towers coming down.
  • I remember the fear that was heavy in the air.
  • I remember struggling to understand our world in the days that followed.
  • I remember wondering what kind of world my little girls would grow up in.
  • I remember standing on the corner of our neighborhood with strangers-who-suddenly-became-friends holding candles and cheering as cars drove by with flags flying.
  • I remember gathering to pray for our nation, our leaders, and the families of those who lost their lives on that day.
  • I remember LOTS of people coming to church the next Sunday, searching for hope.

I’d appreciate knowing what you remember most. It will help me prepare for this Sunday’s message. Please share your memories in the reply/comment box below.
Never forget…HOPE!

-Pastor Mark