Resolutions: love ‘em or hate ‘em!

If you hate resolutions and New Year’s promises, then read no further.  Otherwise, here are a couple thoughts as we start off 2018. You may be the kind of person who sincerely wants to make some changes in your overall well-being this year, including your spiritual life.  The biggest challenges we often run into are:…Read more Resolutions: love ‘em or hate ‘em!

Rethinking your Christmas gift list

I’ll admit it: My family creates gift lists for Christmas.  They’re a guideline, not a mandate.  And they serve a useful purpose.  But there’s a problem, maybe two problems with them. The first problem is that they reduce the surprise factor.  I mean, if the gifts you unwrap are the ones you requested, it’s not…Read more Rethinking your Christmas gift list

When is the best time to stop learning?

School’s back in session in our region. Busses are rolling, teachers are prepped and ready, all so the students can continue learning.  But when does it stop? Back to school season is a great time for all of us to pause and ponder this question: When should we stop learning?  Does learning end when you…Read more When is the best time to stop learning?

Two opportunities to know about right now

Whenever a disaster strikes, we’re prompted to ask, “How can we help.”  May I suggest the following? First, we are part of an association of 1200 churches that is mobilizing not only financial resources, but actual “on the ground” teams to help with the arduous task of restoring and rebuilding homes and lives.  We participated…Read more Two opportunities to know about right now