Resolutions: love ‘em or hate ‘em!

If you hate resolutions and New Year’s promises, then read no further.  Otherwise, here are a couple thoughts as we start off 2018.

You may be the kind of person who sincerely wants to make some changes in your overall well-being this year, including your spiritual life.  The biggest challenges we often run into are:

  1. Trying to change everything all at once. (E.g. trying to read the entire Bible in a month, praying for one hour a day, etc.)  We get overwhelmed, get discouraged, and give up.  Which then leads to…
  2. Believing that it’s futile to try to change at all.

Here are some practical ways to take manageable steps toward a better year:

  • Participate in our MLK Day of Service next Monday (assuming you have the day off work).
  • Take your daughter to the Father-Daughter dance and create that memory you know you want to have.
  • Improve your leadership skills at the two day “Lead Like Jesus” conference in February.
  • Experience Rooted, just like hundreds of others at Seneca Creek. Find out what the buzz it about, and connect with God, with the church, and with your purpose.
  • Try out a 10 week Converge group during the dead of winter.

Each of these are doable, time-limited, and sure to improve your spiritual health as you plunge into 2018.

If you try something not on this list, I’d love to hear what it is and how it’s working.  Use the comment section below.

I’m praying for you to have a God-filled 2018!

-Pastor Mark

P.S. Here’s a crazy list of New Year’s resolutions from philosophers throughout history, if you want to be stretched in other areas.

P.P.S. If you want to try a Bible reading program, there are hundreds of options at (Or check out the Bible app on your smartphone.)

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