Why a house of mirrors is a good thing

Earlier this week at Seneca Creek we partnered with the city of Gaithersburg to provide serving opportunities for several hundred people in our community.  It was a crazy, chaotic, wonderful experience.  And it was in many respects a house of mirrors.

The reason we host this event on MLK Day is to honor Dr. King’s own commitment to serving.  But why did HE serve?

The reason Dr. King served was that he was mirroring the example of Jesus.  It was because of his faith in the Servant of the Lord (See Isaiah 42:1 for more details.)  He understood that followers of Christ are called to imitate the one they follow.  Jesus served (see Mark 10:43-45), and so Dr. King served.  By doing that, he reflected the character and kingdom of God into our world.

So on MLK Day, we follow the example set by Dr. King, who himself was following the example set by Jesus.  We mirror his life…he mirrors Jesus’ life.  It’s all a “house of mirrors.”  And that’s a good thing!

Well, it’s a good thing IF we can remember the fact that Jesus didn’t just serve one day a year.  Neither did Dr. King.  So while we’re stoked about the number of people who came to serve last Monday, it would be even better if we began to find ways to incorporate serving as a lifestyle, not just an annual event.  Our goal is to help people embrace a lifestyle of mirroring Jesus’ example (and that of Dr. King).

If you’d like some assistance in adopting that lifestyle, you can:

  • Check out our online tool designed exactly for that purpose. discovergreatness.org.
  • Jump into our Winter 2018 Rooted Experience, where we spend time discovering (among other things) how to “connect with your purpose.” (Yes, we launched this past Tuesday, but you can still join in.)
  • Take your own ideas of how to serve, and begin to figure out how to make it work in your schedule.

Whatever your situation, I encourage you to become part of the “house of mirrors” that is mirroring the serving lifestyle of Dr. King, and ultimately of Jesus himself.  And sometime today or tomorrow, try out this question on someone in your life:

“How may I serve you?”

It’s a question that will reflect God’s kingdom into every dark corner of our world.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If Dr. King were still alive I’m sure he would be at the forefront of efforts to address and resolve the racial tensions that continue to embroil our country and our conversations.  For our part, we’re launching an 8-week “Multi-Ethnic Conversations” group starting this Sunday evening. If you’re interested in participating, click here for registration info.

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